A. Diagnostic & repair service

If your gas fireplace is not operating properly, and you are just not sure what to do next then this is the right service for you.

Our friendly service technician will repair your fireplace on the spot if possible, or order the parts necessary to do so

There is no charge for a revisit, all you pay for are the new parts.


B. Annual Maintenance(Following Step)

  • Inspect glass and gasket seal to be free of deterioration
  • Clean and condition glass of built up debris
  • Clean Interior firebox and surrounding control compartment
  • Clean and inspect pilot assembly and burners
  • Test to ensure safety shut off to be working properly
  • Inspect & Clean burner
  • Check system is free of ignition delay
  • Reconstruct the ember-beds
  • Check Remote, thermostat or on/off switch
  • Test Fire Unit

C.  Restore Mantel

  • Remove stain
  • Regrout
  • Re-Install mantel
  • Replace slips and hearth


D.  Chimney Cleanning